Thursday, February 23, 2017

CNN: "The History of Comedy"

I finally got to CNN’ “The History of Comedy” tonight, with the episode 3 title “Comedy in Real Life”.

So they showed Ozzie and Harriet as a kind of sanitized real life that sat well with sponsors.

Then they moved on to trendier movies like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “The 40 Year Old Virgin”.  Quirky men (including hairy men) could sometimes become the butt of “family comedy”.
Comedians said that a lot of their humor came from dealing with nasty challenges in childhood.

“Comedy can’t exist unless it’s true.  You don’t laugh unless there’s truth to it.”

What I recall is really loving the situation comedies of the 50s: “Amos ‘n’ Andy” (“there is no legal marriage between George Stevens and Sapphire Smitm”), “l Love Lucy” (especially when Lucy works on an assembly line) and, “My Little Margie” (which really invented the like “You’re fired”)

Feb. 25 CNN re-aired "The Funnier Sex". .

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