Monday, February 27, 2017

Full Measure: "The Sum of All Knowledge"

ABC station WJLA ran a show called “The Sum of All Knowledge” Sunday morning at 10 AM in the “Full Measure” series with Sheryl Attkisson..  (Like you can have the trappings of manhood “full measure” – an Army joke.) .

The broadcast talked about hired-under-contract digital activists who make paid posts, often automated into robo-posts, often with zombie profiles or “10 personas per user”.

So social media companies, especially Facebook, are becoming more sensitive about their “news curation”.

Facebook has been accused of suppressing conservative stories.  Twitter is believed by some people to be more likely to suspend conservative accounts (not sure there’s any substance, Milo notwithstanding).

There was mention of the Comet Ping Pong fake news fiasco in Washington DC in December 2016.

So a new messaging service called “Gab”. Founded in August by Andrew Torba, purports to appeal to those with more conservative, possibly even “alt-right”, views (Guardian story).

The link is here.  The tld is from Anguilla, and it is popular with artificial intelligence startups).

I tried the “Let Me In” and my email is on a long waiting list.  Wikipedia confirms that this happens.  If there is a waiting list, is this really “pro free speech”?

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