Saturday, February 18, 2017

Law and Order SVU: "Great Expectations" provides a lesson on dangerous sports hazing that becomes sex abuse

An episode called “Great Expectations” (as if based on the Charles Dickens novel and derivative classic film, with the Twilight Zone character Pip) on NBC’s  “Law & Order: SVU” (or “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”) on Thursday, Feb.16, was especially instructive.

A 13 year old boy is hazed after causing his junior varsity hockey team to lose a game to a missed goal shot.  The hazing is sexual, and includes anal prodding, apparently with a hockey stick.
The boy dies from secondary infection.  That shows that in rare cases, homosexual abuse of a minor can result in death (just as with heterosexual abuse).

The boy has finally “talked” before dying, having resisted because of team peer pressure.  Another team member is arrested and charged with manslaughter. But it turns out that this boy in turn has been severely abused by his own father, who is exposed and arrested.

Here’s the playback link for the episode.

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