Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Nancy Pelosi holds town hall on CNN

Nancy Pelosi held a town hall on CNN Tuesday night January 31, 2017 with Chris Cuomo moderating, at George Washington University.

Pelosi dodged questions from audience members who claimed they had been harmed by immigrant crime, with tangential apologies.

But he did say “Democrats are capitalists”  in answering a college student’s question whether adults under 30 were rejecting capitalism.  But she discussed the progression from “stakeholder capitalism” to “shareholder capitalism” which had led to huge compensation for CEO’s and had exaggerated income and accumulated wealth inequality.

Pelosi's analysis of capitalism can be compared to Steve Bannon's, who talks about "statist capitalism" and "extreme capitalism" (of the Ayn Rand sort, which is essentially shareholder capitalism), and claims that people need a grounding in faith to have balanced capitalism because secular logic alone can rationalize anything -- but I don't get his connection to nationalism and autarky, other than in connection with religious war imposed by others.

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