Friday, March 10, 2017

ABC 20-20 exposes "Gay Conversion Therapy Camps" in the US deep south in year long undercover investigation

ABC 20-20 exposed the operation of “gay conversion therapy camps” in the South, especially in Alabama and Texas.  The main video link is here.

Parents in fundamentalist families pay thousands to “camps” that purport to convert their kids to potentially procreative and lineage-extending heterosexuality.

Much of the narrative focused on one kid, Lucas Greenfield, now 17, who was adopted in south Florida at 3, sent away to a camp in Alabama at 13, returned home, and then sent away again a second time, when he escaped.  He was actually rescued somehow by a stranger.

One black camp owner was convicted of child abuse and sentence to 20 years in prison with the help of Greenfield’s testimony.

The Family Research Council was interviewed, with a spokesperson rationalizing the practice and saying parents should have complete control of the medical treatment of their kids.  The idea came up at the Republican convention in Cleveland in July. Pence had proposed the idea of what amounts to conversion therapy to control AIDS back in 2000 but claims he does not support conversion therapy now.

The program repeatedly pointed out that medical authorities today insist that sexual orientation cannot be changed.

20-20 also covered the efforts of Supergirl actor Jeremy Jordan to rescue his lesbian cousin from a boarding school in Texas.  She was sent there after going to a high school prom with a girl friend. (patheos story ).

Some parents in evangelical circles see their own marital sexuality tied to control of their children 's reproductive potential and the guarantee of a lineage, as reinforced by a naïve kind of faith. It's rather like how the alpha male lion in a pride thinks.

Alabama's new Senator (Luther Strange, replacing Jeff Sessions) was diffident on his failure to prosecute vigorously when he was the state's attorney general.

Here’s a plug from Milo on conversion therapy, link.

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