Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"Dead Reckoning: War, Crime and Justice" on PBS

Tonight, PBS aired a three-hour three-part documentary “Dead Reckoning: War, Crime and Justice” focusing on war crimes from WWII through the War on Terror.  Basic link is here.

The three episodes are  “The general’s ghost, The Blind Eye. In Our Time”.

I caught the last half of it.  Episode 2 was conducting war crimes trials based on genocide against indigenous Maya in Guatemala. A man was on trial denying he ordered the murder of civilians.

The last episode dealt with mainly atrocities in Bosnia (and Yugoslavia) in 1993 and Rwanda in 1994 (as well as Congo).  In Rwanda, people turned on others who had been personal friends.  The episode ends with a conviction in a trial in the Hague.  The Bosnia portion showed forensic efforts to identify many victims who had been buried in hiding. At the end, Aleppo was shown.
The consensus was that relatively few war crimes are prosecuted to conviction.

Wikipedia attribution link for image by Hypergio for new International Criminal Court Building in the Netherlands under CCSA 4.0.

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