Monday, March 13, 2017

Josh Garcia visits Singapore as "Little Island, Big Flavor" on his "Voyager" program for "The More You Know"

NBC’s “Voyager” travel show with Josh Garcia (as part of “The More You Know”) on Saturday mornings on March 11, on a half-hour episode called “Little Island, Big Flavor”.

Josh gets off a Carnival tour cruise (I don’t go on cruises – ships do not constitute sightseeing destinations) in Sinagpore, almost on the Equator, the cleanest big city in the world, known for its strict laws about public littering and conduct (and canings).

The link right now is here.  I do have the latest Flash so I don’t know why the video didn’t play.

Note the physical contrast between Josh and his host.  Despite the Hispanic name and Puerto Rican background, Josh (now 36) illustrates that some people from Spain had originally emigrated from northern Europe a millennium ago, to Galicia.

The episode shows the super modern buildings on the waterfront, and then Josh visits many little shops and buys shoes for his niece, calling her to get a shoe size.  He uses his selfie-stick a lot.  He also tries the food (like Anthony Bourdain would), eating whole crabs immersed in bizarre soups.

Wikipedia attribution link for dinnertime picture in Singapore by Allie Caulfield under CCSA 2.0.

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