Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"The Most Powerful Man in the World" (Vladimir Putin, mentor to Donald Trump; the World According to Fareed)

Wednesday night, CNN aired another one-hour documentary by Fareed Zakria about America’s enemies, “The Most Powerful Man in the World”, that is, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, best link.

The documentary is filled with invocations of the stirring Russian national anthem (in E Major) by Alexandrov  (age old wisdom of our fraternal people, popular wisdom of our forbearers, etc).   Or try this one, with the Russian Army and Putin speaking.

It starts with a 35 year old lieutenant colonel Putin holding fort in Dresden, E Germany when the Berlin Wall falls.  It then covers the corruption of the 1990s with Yeltsin at the helm, with oligarchs getting rich and ordinary people starving – so in a sense, people had been addicted to communism. Putin becomes Prime Minister and speaks in 2000.  He befriends George W Bush in 2001.  With rising oil prices, Putin pursues nationalism in a manner that predicts Trump, and life gets better for many working Russians in a statist capitalist system.  So Putin becomes popular.

Zakaria covers why Putin especially had it in for Hillary Clinton (as explained here , going back to the Arab Spring).  Hillary was seen as a “hawk” on foreign policy, in some ways more conservative than Trump (like  McCain would be, Fareed says).  He also maintains that Putin sees Trump as his own “Apprentice”.

Putin is still wildly popular in Russia, with his “Make Russia Great Again”.  Zakaria didn’t mention this, but LGBTQ  people became scapegoats in 2013, largely because :GBTQ is seen as excerabting Russia’s baby bust (when Putin says “leave the children alone”, he really means, don’t let them get the idea that  it isn’t important to have kids).

Putin is, ironically, seen as a sex symbol, even in his 60s, even given horseback pictures that betray that he has no hair on his chest.  And the teats are getting sloppy.  Milo will notice that.

Vladimir Putin appears once meeting with Al-Assad in the film “Cries from Syria” which aired on HBO right after Zakaria (Wordpress).

He didn’t cover the 2002 theater hostage crisis in Moscow.

Wikipedia attribution link for Moscow picture

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