Friday, April 14, 2017

ABC 20-20, Nev Schulman do another iteration of "Catfish", targeting an NBA basketball player

ABC 20-20 tonight ran its own account of “Catfish”, with a handsome Nev Schulman (now 32, a new father) helping narrate.

A young woman Shelly Cartier, living in a small town of Easterville way north of Winnepeg, Manitoba, “catlished” heavily tattooed and “illustrated man” basketball star Chris “Birdman” Andersen, resulting in Colorado police suspecting him of possessing child pornography until the “identity theft” was traced to her.

Cartier, bullied at school, had lived alone with her aging mother, whom she took care of, and spent years setting up the Catfish scheme, which sometimes led to extortion.

Birdman lost two years of work and endorsements because of the false accusations but eventually got to meet president Obama in 2014 when it was all over.

In the interview, she seemed hardly to care about the damage she had done to his reputation, as she was oblivious to his world of “privilege”.

She spent 18 months in jail in Canada and could be extradited to Colorado.  But she married a man in Brooklyn whom she met through Xbox.

The New York Daily News has this version here.

Wikipedia attribution link for Manitoba picture.  Richard Harmon tweeted about being there recenlty (for "Crypto"?)

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