Friday, April 21, 2017

"Caitlyn Jenner: Secrets of my Life" on ABC 20-20 with Diane Sawyer

Tonight, Diane Sawyer presented, on ABC 20-20, “Caitlyn Jenner: Secrets of my Life”, also a forthcoming book.   Here is the first link.    The interview is at her home in Malibu, CA.

This broadcast follows a similar interview two years ago.  Jenner has started the sexual reassignment surgery, and says a trans person should never be “asked”.

The broadcast does show some early footage when she was Bruce Jenner, and he had started taking female hormones earlier than anyone knew.

Caitlyn says she voted for Donald Trump, and was disappointed when Sessions did not allow Obama’s interpretation of federal civil rights law to protect transgender youth in public schools to continue. But she says that more schools are coming up with innovative solutions to allow transgender kids to use the bathroom that matches their identities, outside of states trying to outlaw that (as with HB2 in North Carolina).

The broadcast covered identical twin studies that show a 39% concordance on transgender-ism, and even occurs with identical twins reared separately.

It also mentioned the old idea that the world is dangerous, so it is morally reassuring it there are men and there are women.   The show briefly mentioned the idea of gender fluidity, but that is not really Caitlyn’s narrative.

Jenner was involved in a fatal car accident involving paparazzi.

Malibu painting by Granville Rredmond, p.d., Wikipedia

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