Sunday, April 23, 2017

CBS 48 Hours: "The Golden State Killer" and the "amateur" journalist who tried to solve the cases (and her sudden death)

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, CBS 48 Hours aired a crime episode “The Golden State Killer”, link.

The layered story concerned crime writer Michelle McNamara, who died suddenly at age 46 in her sleep, of an apparent cardiac arrest related to artery blockages and certain prescription drugs.  Her husband, Patton Oswalt, a well-known comedy performer, was interviewed on the show and related his devastation, even vomiting when finding her dead suddenly.  Oswalt has arranged for her book to be completed

She became an “amateur” journalist and sleuth, going to the locations of many of the home invasions which over time turned into murders, first in the Sacramento area and later around Los Angeles.

Wikipedia calls the perpetrator the “Original Night Stalker” with the article here.  The trail goes dead in 1986.

The history reminds me of the 2008 murders of defense-related workers in Prince Georges County MD. (January 24, 2015).
This is the sort of news puzzle that I could envision myself wanting to be hired to work on (to get outside my own narrative), but Patton seems to have arranged for completion of the book.  I don’t see it on Amazon yet but I’ll order it and review it when it comes out.

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