Saturday, April 22, 2017

CNN updates "Downward Spiral: Inside the Case Against Aaron Hernandez"

On Friday, April 21, 2017, CNN re-aired (at 11 PM) a special report “Downward Spiral: Inside the Case Against Aaron Hernandez”, best link.

Hernandez is the former New England Patriots Tight End who was convicted on one murder (Odin Llyoyd( and charged and acquitted of two others.  Hernandez died in prison on April 19, which prompted CNN to update and re-air.  The death has been viewed as a probable suicide. But there is room to investigate.

The details of these cases, covered in a suspenseful manner in the CNN documentary film, are well summarized on Wikipedia, here.

The first two shootings occurred as a drive-by, where the two victims were in a car shot at by a passing vehicle. Hernandez and the victims had been in a club in Boston called the “Cure”.

The fact pattern suggests that Hernandez was very badly tempered and could carry out violent acts when insulted by minor incidents that often happen in bars.  The incident sounds like a straight bar version of Pulse, although it is much smaller and not related to terrorism.

Hernandez’s appearance was also remarkable, with body parts (especially arms) completely covered by tattoos.

He did have a nice home, from which police found many clues.

The one conviction will be reversed because it had been on appeal when he died. 

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