Tuesday, April 11, 2017

CNN's "Finding Jesus" explains Doubting Thomas

CNN’s series “Finding Jesus” aired on Palm Sunday an episode about Thomas, that is, Doubting Thomas, who, after the resurrection, wanted to reassure himself that the risen Christ was real by seeing and palpitating the hand wound.

The episode then goes on to explain how Saint Thomas spread Christianity to India.

Several points come to mind. One is that the word “apostle” is broader than “disciple”.  There are apostles who were not part of the original twelve disciples (like Paul).

I see that I had reviewed a film called “Thomas” in the “Closer to Jesus” series back on Dec. 8, 2012.

The narrative does make the case for a faith that is connected to reason.  That looks forward to today’s issues of connecting faith to physics and cosmology (maybe the idea of intelligent design).

But there may be something else here.  Jesus provided the perfect opportunity for upward affiliation. A disciple could become concerned that somehow Jesus could disappoint them, as a human would.
I explored this in an unfinished composition, which I could say more about in my “Media Reviews” (really “Show and Tell”) blog on Wordpress (especially this post -- I need to add the "Doubting" material to this composition).

I’ll cover this later there, but here are three posts (more for my reference than anything else).




There is also a “Gospel of Thomas”  I don’t see a film on this book on imdb (as there is one for Judas).

“Doubting Thomas” is one of the most provocative stories, for me personally.  What happens if someone you look up to really does “lose it”?

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