Monday, April 24, 2017

Trump likes his own reflection on Cable TV, especially OAN (an opportunity for a young journalist from American University, Trey Yingst)

The Washington Post has an article Monday morning by Ashley Parker and Robert Costa, “’Everyone tunes in: Inside Trump’s obsession with cable TV”, link  with video.

Apparently there are many TV’s in the White House, and the president moves from room to room binge watching, as he recreates his own glory days of “The Apprentice”.

The story mentions that he likes to watch OAN, One America News, a center-right-leaning news service in San Diego. I am not aware that OAN has a cable channel, but it does have Direct TV (I refuse to deal with “The Dish”).

The story also mentions the fact that Sean Spicer often calls on OAN’s White House correspondent, whom I’ve met personally at a visit to a WJLA “Your Voice Your Future” program.  This is Trey Yingst,23,  a graduate of American University, who started “News2Share”  before moving to OAN, for example . His Twitter feed is here  and his own site is here.   Trey’s questions are sometimes very blunt and challenging.  The story then says “he” watches Al Jazeera, but I’m sure who “he” is (an English language problem of not enforcing case agreement).  But Mr. Yingst comes across as someone who would have survived all the boardrooms had he been a contestant on "The Apprentice".    
Despite the popular belief that Trump doesn’t like criticism, he actually does seem to respect correspondents and bloggers who propose solutions (like on how to actually cover people in a GOP healthcare plan) and who take certain national security threats seriously, for what they are. 

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