Thursday, May 04, 2017

ABC Nightline: Famine in Somalia

ABC Nightline reported Tuesday night from Somaliland (in Somalia) about the famine associated with drought and climate change, link 70% of the livestock has died.  April is supposed to be the wettest month but there has been no rain.   There is also famine in South Sudan, northern Nigeria, and Yemen.

David Muir reports.

Save the Children is the charity involved in providing the relief.  Save the Children gives out mobile phones with credit for buying food in some areas.  The charity works there despite terrorism and violence and offshore piracy.  Carolyn Miles head of the charity, did speak about Trump’s priorities.
The seven minute film is quite graphic.   Three other unspecified nations are involved.

Muir visits a hospital in Burao.

Wikipedia attribution link for Burao picture, CCSA 1.0

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