Monday, May 29, 2017

Bryce Harper loses his temper in a brawl after HBP, could cost the Nats later

It’s on MLB TV and I can’t get the MLB embed code to come up, but here is the link for Harper’s brawl in the Nat’s game in San Francisco today.

There is a video on YouTube.

I wonder if superfan Richard Harmon (“The 100”, “Crypto”) was at the game.

Bryce Harper will probably get a suspension of several games, which is not good for the Nats.  That hurrs a position player and his team more than a pitcher.

Harper had broadcast his own Superbowl party on Facebook Live from his new home (I think in Las Vegas).

Update:  May 31

Harper's suspension was reduced to 3 games but starts tonight, and runs through Saturday in Oakland. The Nats will miss him in a designated-hitter lineup in an AL Park. The Nats can use only 24 players for those 3 games. 

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