Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Did Sinclair make Washington's WJLA ABC affiliate "conservative" in its news coverage?

In the Washington Post Style section, Tuesday, May 10, 2017. Paul Fahri of the Washington Post, analyzing the behavior of the Sinclair Broadcast Group in Hunt Valley, near Baltimore, as it contemplates buying Tribune Media.  Fahri writes that when Sinclair bought Washington DC affiliate WJLA, it moved the station’s news coverage to the right. The article is here.

Fahri insists that Sinclair forced WJLA to cover Hillary Clinton’s vulnerabilities (the email scandal) during the 2016 election, but not to give corresponding attention to Trump’s.

I cannot say that I had noticed this.  However, I’ve noticed that WJLA has been more aggressive in reporting arrests (before convictions) of sex-related offenses (like child pornography possession, or teacher misconduct).  But what is more interesting is the coverage of Sinclair last summer of possible threats to the power grid, which I wrote about on Wordpress around July 6 (link)  Sinclair sponsored a “Your Voice Your Future” forum on the issue from a station in Green Bay WI  Aug. 8, which WJLA advertised but then did not run; visitors had to find it online themselves.

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