Monday, September 24, 2018

"Alternative Influencer: Broadcasting the Reactionary Right on YouTube"

Here’s a good broadcast by Tim Pool, Timcast, 30 minutes:

Alternative Influencer: Broadcasting the Reactionary Right on YouTube

The video has a research chart that links “influencers” together.   I wonder if I belong on it.  Milo Yiannopolous is near the bottom.  Tim is in the middle.

Tim says he is not a "conservative" although many of his broadcasts tear apart illogical thinking on the far Left.  He is very liberal on social issues like gay marriage, but more from a libertarian idea of equality before the law. He believes some common sense needs to prevail in health care, climate change. etc.  

Tim was at a "Mythconpanel in Milwaukee Saturday at the Pabst Theater that was canceled because of threats. 

Check out the Vox story on YouTube and the reactionary right. Here's a bio of Jordan Peterson and the irony of some of his threatened lawsuits. 

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