Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Reparations become the most contentious issue in Detroit at Dem debates; CNN attacks Pakman during livestreaming

The debates in Detroit continue tonight.

David Pakman had a serious issue trying to livestream and getting “maliciously” taken down with a copyright strike.  I’ll let him explain.

As to the content, Beto O’Rourke got into the reparations issue.  The scuttlebutt is just to get discussions on reparations started. Although I think it is unlikely, it is conceivable that reparations could affect people with inherited trusts (even if there is no direct involvement with slave ownership in the past), depending on the “political” details.  This can actually matter as to how other aspects of my own “journalism” is interpreted.  Throwing in race on its own sake really diverts attention away from any community engagement from me.

Tonight there were demonstrators in the back of the hall in Detroit.  Some of the candidates are not leftist enough.

There are a lot of fireworks over the idea that the US must stop using fossil fuel, cold turkey, in ten years. 

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