Wednesday, August 07, 2019

"America Under Assault: The Gun Crisis": town hall on CNN with Chris Cuomo prime time

America Under Assault: The Gun Crisis” is a town hall conducted by Chris Cuomo of CNN, apparently from New York City, today on Aug. 7, 2019 on CNN at 9 PM EDT.

Cameron Kasky, 18, appeared in the audience and asked a comprehensive question about extending red flag and the ability to report behavior of people likely to perpetrate an event. Cameron is credited with founding March for our Lives (apparently even more so than David Hogg).

Kasky had confronted Marco Rubio about accepting NRA donations in a forum when he was 17, an almost unprecedented challenge to a political candidate.

There was mention of the fact that there are about 393 million weapons in the US.

There is still some controversy over how well resuming an assault weapons ban would work in practice.

Several New York State politicians were present.

Then police /ex-police were questioned along with doctors.  The damage to the body from military weapons is much more catastrophic than handguns.
Cuomo concluded by insisting that voters pressure the Senate about what they want.  94% want full background checks.

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