Monday, August 12, 2019

Pakman says Trump's developing XO on letting the FCC monitor social media for censorship -- is thinly veiled authoritarianism

David Pakman has a disturbing discussion of Donald Trump’s proposed executive order which would give the FCC the power to stop censorship (particularly of conservatives) by big social media companies.

Pakman spends some of the discussion on the misgendering issue and Twitter’s policy, which he says is necessary to prevent bullying of trans people (much like the n_ word;  the f_ word seems less dicey these days as gay men are much less targets than they used to be well – except remember Pulse.) 

 Pakman (correctly) believes that the pronoun issue should not be viewed as a “political policy” issue.
This is all rather disturbing in the LGBT community as it could force libertarian or less combative gay speakers to get involved in a fight that they may believe is not theirs.

Pakman calls it “authoritarian” and reinforces the idea that Trump must be defeated in 2020: yet some speakers (like me) refuse to work on political campaigns or donate to them, period, in the name of objectivity.

Earlier today, on CNN AC360, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang suggested the government give $100 to every person eligible to vote to be given to the primary campaign of a candidate of their choice, to reduce the effect of big donors, and to involve more people in candidate support (Yang, like Pakman, seems to think many American “intellectuals” believe it is beneath their dignity to be partisan and leave the center hollowed out.)
Subverse also discussed the XO today, but rather factually and histotically (discussions of the old fairness doctrine) with little speculation. 

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