Monday, August 05, 2019

Pakman's comprehensive take on El Paso, Dayton

David Pakman gave a detailed account of what we know about both El Paso and Dayton.
He emphasized that “replacement” ideology had already existed before Trump won the 2016 election, but that Trump (in Pakman’s opinion) had stirred up vulnerable, “right wing identarian” people (to borrow from Tim Pool) people, mostly young white males with poor educations, into believing that violent action was not only acceptable but somehow necessary.
He discussed the mini-manifesto and that the El Paso man claims he had believed in replacement before 2015.  However some of the ideas in the manifesto, about “dirty work” and “lifestyles” are actually Maoist.
He said that by comparison we don’t know that Dayton perpetrator was motivated by his left-wing ideology. Pakman mentioned that the Dayton perp had been an LGBTQ-rights supported, an observation I had not heard before.
Pakman followed up with a second video, that the Left Is Losing the Battle of Ideas, because the Right has more men on base already, essentially.

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